" Carr-Michael played a major role in establishing a framework for the strategic evaluation of opportunities and drove the identification of specific initiatives.... "

MD International automotive company

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What We Do as a Business Performance Consultancy

Carr-Michael offers a range of tools and techniques to assess your business performance and to help you position your business strategically, grow it sustainably, and develop your team of people effectively. The key to successful businesses is the ability to do two things at the same time: drive cash today and grow sustainably for tomorrow. These two things require different management styles that are naturally in conflict – the urgent gets in the way of the important. The unique Carr-Michael Two Hats Approach delivers a growth culture into businesses by changing behaviour. It generates a self sustaining way of working with “Two Hats” that becomes a shared value: everyone respects the need to run operations effectively today with no excuses, and the need to deliver sustainable new business growth.

The range of services that we offer is split into three key areas of Growth Management, Business Strategy, and Marketing Strategy but if you want to know what our clients think we do, read on

“Carr-Michael played a major role in establishing a framework for the strategic evaluation of opportunities and drove the identification of specific initiatives....” MD International automotive company.

“Carr-Michael really helped develop my business. They made us focus on the few key things that will make us stand out with a great offer. They helped us position the company properly in the market, and pushed us to develop great relationships with key suppliers to give us a real advantage. Carr-Michael adds great value on the small points and the bigger picture. We have trebled our business and are delivering sustained growth”. MD Contractor to Education Sector

“Carr-Michael helped us think clearly about our business and how to develop it. They researched the market and worked with us over five or six meetings, helping us understand clearly how we should grow the business and why. They quickly understood what made us tick as a company and as people. They rolled their sleeves up, asked key questions and made us think, before pulling it all together into a practical plan. Carr–Michael has been excellent value and a real help”. Owner & Director, Forestry company

“Carr-Michael quickly analysed our business, and showed us how to make fast and effective improvements. They helped us identify key opportunities for the company, and guided us to develop a practical and achievable plan. It’s been incredibly useful to have a different perspective on our business from someone who has worked extensively in small and large companies. Carr-Michael pushes us as business owners, and the Carr-Michael approach has been great to work with and has made a real impact throughout the company. In this economic downturn, Carr-Michael processes have been a great help.” Owners and directors: Professional Services company

“Carr-Michael have been effective at developing the business and highly cost effective. They combine board level strategic direction with practical operational process development and implementation”. CEO Online and telesales retailer.


As a consultancy that asseses business performance we have the tools and techniques to help you position your business so that it can grow despite the recession and emerge from the economic downturn faster and stronger than your competitors.  Call us for a free initial discussion on 07768 153609.