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MD Contractor to Education Sector

Turn Around Planning

Recessions increase the need to turn around your business. What you did before is not working now. So change what you do and how you do it. 

Turn around planning splits into two main areas:  

  1. Prune out the deadwood. Delete products which canít be revived and that are not making money. Drive out customers that give you low returns and take up a lot of time. Prune your processes and structures to provide better customer value and lower costs.
  2. Fertilise and re-plant: make sure you give your core business that drives cash today the resources it needs to survive and grow through the recession. Feed the 20% of actions that deliver 80% of your profits. Additionally bring on new ideas and developments that will break you out of the recession early. Meet todayís customers changed needs (more value) and selectively invest in new products and services to build a better total offer.

Carr-Michael breaks through recession gloom. Our tools and techniques drive focussed action that turn around businesses and deliver new growth.

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