" Carr-Michael have been effective at developing the business and highly cost effective. They combine board level strategic direction with practical operational process development and implementation "

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Resources & Publications

Carr-Michael regularly publishes articles, white papers and books, which are read widely and which prompt a lot of interaction and thought.

The book “Growth Management: Two Hats Are Better Than One” published by Palgrave Macmillan is highly acclaimed and emphasises the need to manage the Urgent separately but in parallel to managing the Important. The reviews, first chapter and contents are available by clicking here.

In January 2010, Carr-Michael reviewed the management of Corporate Reputation in the UK. The report is based on conversations with senior industry leaders in late 2009 and increases thought leadership on the issue of actively managing reputation at the corporate level. You can read the report on the corporate reputation page.

Carr-Michael writes articles for business publications concerned with supporting companies in the SME and corporate sectors. These articles cover a variety of subjects around managing growth, and the importance of “light” processes. The articles are available in the articles section.