" Carr-Michael played a major role in establishing a framework for the strategic evaluation of opportunities and drove the identification of specific initiatives.... "

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Recession Breaker - Business Innovation for Growth

Don’t give in to the doom and gloom merchants – recessions can be great for business. Just keep focused on driving cash whilst continuing to develop the business for the future not the past.  A recession makes you focus on what works, what doesn't and what will in the future - think business innovation for growth!

Carr-Michael has plenty of experience in breaking through recessions. As a specialist growth management company we focus on cost reduction consulting services which drive cash and deliver sustainable growth especially in tough times.

Be a Recession Breaker – use it to your advantage. Recessions are Great for Growth – but why?

We think recessions are good for growth because:

  1. Customer value changes: those that respond best grow market share and succeed.
  2. They force managers to re-examine the business to renegotiate terms and focus on the important.
  3. They impact each company differently: some react well with clarity and purpose. Some are recession virgins, and make poor decisions. This recession is the first for 17 years. Most managers and directors under the age of 38 have limited experience of really tough times.
  4. Some businesses will fail leaving customers looking for alternative suppliers (you!)
  5. Company values drop in a recession increasing take over opportunities for cash rich, well placed businesses.
  6. Some business owners just can’t face another recession and sell up or close down.
  7. Good managers are easier to find in a recession. They are easier to spot and recessions increase their desire to move to successful businesses

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