"Carr-Michael helped us think clearly about our business and how to develop it. They rolled their sleeves up, asked key questions and made us think, before pulling it all together into a practical plan. Carr–Michael has been excellent value and a real help."

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Organisation & Organisational Change

Developing teams and capabilities on growth requires different reporting structures from running day to day operations. These need to be flexible enough to define new opportunities and structured enough to drive results.  The management of organisational change is key and our consultants are experienced in ensuring that the entire team is focused on sustainable growth.

Carr-Michael supports organisations in defining and implementing structures that work for the Two Hats approach and deliver the changed culture and capability needed for sustained growth. Most organisations have well established reporting and management structures for the day to day operations. But delivering Growth requires more fluid open structures and reporting reflecting the need for greater creativity and input from a wide range of people.

To be effective these two different reporting and management structures need to work side by side. As employees move during the day between actions on the day job to actions on growth they need to be comfortable with how they are expected to organise themselves, report out and manage each differently. Carr-Michael works closely with operational teams and senior management to develop simple and effective growth management organisations.

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