"Carr-Michael quickly analysed our business, and showed us how to make fast and effective improvements. In this economic downturn, Carr-Michael processes have been a great help."

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Carr-Michael and MAS

In these troubled times it is great to see the government stepping up to help the manufacturing sector with practical and effective support.  Through the West Midlands Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) funds have been made available to support development of manufacturing companies that have been hit hard by the recession.  These companies are at the heart fo the West Midlands manufacturing base.  They have skills and intellectual property that is the envy of the world, yet they are facing commercially difficult times. 

Carr-Michael has been appointed by MAS and their clients to support business growth and diversification to make sure that the UK develops it strong base of skills in engineering and manufacturing.  The work by Carr-Michael uses its highly regarded key concepts, processes tools and techniques to drive business growth through the whole organisation, producing sustainable new business and increasing asset values.

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