" Carr-Michael played a major role in establishing a framework for the strategic evaluation of opportunities and drove the identification of specific initiatives.... "

MD International automotive company

Carr-Michael registers domain name:


In July 2008 ahead of the recession Carr-Michael registered the domain name for future use. The principles, processes tools and techniques used in driving sustainable growth are equally applicable at all stages of the economic cycle. “Recessions are great times to Grow” commented Andrew Lester, Chairman and Managing Partner of Carr-Michael. “Most companies today will have forgotten what it’s like to go through a recession....and this one is going to be tougher and longer than anything we’ve experienced for a long time. In fact many employees and business owners under the age of 35 have had no personal experience of a recession. There hasn’t been one since 1991 so a lot of individuals and companies are recession virgins. Cutting costs is only part of the equation during a recession not only do you have to prune, you also have to replant and fertilise. All of these actions are fundamental for sustainable growth and all are what Carr-Michael delivers to its clients”.