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Managing Growth

Growth requires a different management style from running day to day operations. Our successful “Two Hats” approach ensures that day to day and growth objectives are met and that the business operates a Two Hats culture to deliver profit today and tomorrow. To really work, the approach must be understood and used by everyone – even those who will not spend a lot of time on growth ventures. Managing growth is all about reducing the conflict between the urgent (day job) and the important (growth) within teams. 

Finding the internal resource to deliver growth usually means that people have to work on both existing business and growth opportunities at the same time. This can cause conflicting objectives and stress. Our Two Hats approach focuses individual and team activities. The approach ensures that the key links between departments and individuals are positively managed to deliver growth projects on time & budget.

In addition to the processes, tools and techniques we ensure your team uses feedback and learning to drive sustainable growth. We tailor our approach to individual businesses, ensuring the core business discusses and uses the feedback regularly to best advantage.