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Growth Management: business performance improvement methods

Successful companies do two things at the same time: they run the day job driving cash AND they deliver sustainable growth. How can you get through this recession and emerge stronger and growing faster than your competitors? Answer - use our business performance improvement methods: the unique "Two Hats Approach". 

So what is this Two Hats Approach?

It is a method that helps you work and think differently for the “day job” compared to “growth” and to make you effective at both. It recognises that running the day job (day to day operations) requires a different management and operating style to that needed for growth.

What is Growth Management?

It is how you are organised to find and deliver long lasting new business that gives great customer value and long term profits.

"Growth Management: Two Hats Are Better Than One" by Andrew Lester, founder of Carr-Michael, gets top reviews. The highly regarded Macmillan publishing group have just published this highly acclaimed unique new book.

Carr-Michael provides practical advice and support through our business performance improvement methods to drive the cash today and deliver new business for tomorrow.

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