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Defining Growth

Growth means getting incremental new business that provides long term customer value and delivers better shareholder value over time.  

Carr-Michael asks straight forward questions. We “dig around” and find the key factors that drive your success today and tomorrow. We then create a specific growth plan for your needs to meet your objectives based on the opportunities in your business and market. 

Growth is not about finding one golden bullet that solves your growth needs for the next 5 years: such opportunities rarely exist.  We use a “seed corn” approach that places limited and managed resources behind a number of small ventures. Each of these is developed based on the market opportunity. Initially the financial returns will be small. But delivering a steady stream of managed new ventures allows you to manage your growth year on year.

Growth Framework: our framework is simple to use and prioritises each growth opportunity based on financial benefit, likelihood of success and implications for the core business. The framework helps guide clear and focused thinking reducing waste, increasing customer value and driving higher returns.

Growth Plans are defined for the business and each specific growth opportunity. These identify how each opportunity supports the overall Business Plan. They detail the objectives, level of resource, timescales and accountabilities needed to deliver them, with the monitoring, control and feedback necessary to sustain performance. 

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