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Culture change management is a delicate business but at Carr-Michael we believe that a Two Hats culture provides the best return for all organisations and is well worth the investment in time and training to ensure all members of the team understand the approach and are working towards sustainable growth.

The balance between each hat will vary by individual, team and section of the company, but whilst a high proportion of the business must focus on delivering the cash today (the day job) a planned and managed proportion must focus on growth for tomorrow. This clearly impacts the culture of the organisation: each “hat” must be respected and supported throughout the company to give a positive proactive culture that smoothly transitions its business base as market opportunities arise. 

Delivering this culture change into organisations is not rocket science, but it does require commitment, belief and consistency.  It is changing behaviours that changes cultures and these behaviours only become consistent when they become a shared set of values. The Two Hats approach helps drive shared values running the day job and delivering growth.

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