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Corporate Reputation



  • Corporate reputation is the sum of all the views and beliefs (fact and perception) held by key people and groups about a company based on its history and its future prospects, in comparison to close competitors.
  • Corporate reputation has grown significantly as a hot topic but definitions of what it is, how it should be managed and the benefits it provides are wide.
  • Every company has a reputation; customers, staff, suppliers, competitors, the media, and many other influences all have an opinion about a business. Managing corporate reputation is essential to control total costs, increase financial returns and provide sustainable shareholder value.
  • The challenge for the management of corporate reputation therefore is for companies to increase their access to and from all key stakeholders and to recognise the need to use new technology and social media as a powerful two-way tool where transparency is key.
  • One of the 8 key recommendations: "Banish the fear of (uncontrolled) new media connections and actively embrace the opportunities from monitoring online conversations & activities, to openly and positively engage with stakeholders".