"Carr-Michael quickly analysed our business, and showed us how to make fast and effective improvements. In this economic downturn, Carr-Michael processes have been a great help."

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Business Integration

Successful growth initiatives need to be integrated into the main business at the right time. Integration is often the most difficult phase of growth management to get right. Itís not just a question of choosing the right time for the new venture, itís also choosing the right time for the base business. The whole point of new growth is to help reposition the existing business. If the new venture is merely enveloped by the existing organisation then lessons and opportunities are likely to be lost.

Our Growth Management process and Two Hats approach maximises the chances of success when integrating new business. We provide the structures and tools to make sure you consider all of the key elements for the fully integrated business, and provide the basis for team development and learning. This applies to both organic growth opportunities and acquired businesses. 

Acquisition based growth usually involves the mixing of two distinct cultures. Carr-Michael provides a method for integrating and achieving the required culture change, to encourage co-operation and effective operational harmony.