" Carr-Michael have been effective at developing the business and highly cost effective. They combine board level strategic direction with practical operational process development and implementation "

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Brand Planning

Business positioning is a moment in time. Companies and organisations are not static beings, their positions and strategies change over time. Carr-Michael uses various visual templates to show the position of key players in the sector: their historic, current and future positions to predict trends, opportunities and risks. These together with analysis of customer needs and relative client capabilities help define the direction, scale and pace of growth.

Carr-Michael is well used to managing and reinvigorating existing brands and launching all new brand propositions, whether as stand-alone propositions or as part of broader hierarchies. Brand management is a key discipline for some businesses and sectors, for others brands provide little financial gain. Whatever the situation we use appropriate and straight forward techniques to strip the valuable from the hot air to drive customers relevant brand plans. Brand planning primarily differs from Marketing planning in tone style and context. Many of our tools and techniques are applicable to each discipline, but subtle differences in interpretation and application make all the difference in delivering brand strength and growth. 

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